Who we are
G4 is a boutique “invitation-only friends and family” office that manages the investments of a select group of people to the tune of some €40 million. We are constantly on the lookout for new investment opportunities.

Since 2011, we have invested in 70 projects across a variety of asset classes (equity, real estate, venture capital funds, start-ups, debt, and passive investments), for the most part in Slovakia.

Starting in 2016, we concentrated on two areas in particular – technology and real estate. We are a modest co-investor in UIPATH, Central Europe’s most successful tech company, which was valued at $38 billion at its NYSE IPO in April 2021.

Since 2021, our primary focus has been on investing in global technology blockchain funds. (www.g4-friends.com.cy)

More about us: 

Old World
Raj v Rajke

“Paradise in Rajka” land project in the village of Rajka, Hungary, total area: 19 hectares, 225 plots for houses, total project value: €7 million, IRR: 29%, ROI: 177%, sold out.

Slnečné pozemky Bernolákovo

“Bernolákovo Sunny Lands” land project in the township of Bernolákovo, total area: 12 hectares, 146 plots for houses, with G4 participating in the development and sale of 50 plots, total project value: €6.5 million, sold out.

Tri vody Malinovo

“Malinovo Three Waters” project in the village of Malinovo, total area: 42 hectares, more than 840 plots for houses, with G4 participating in the development and sale of stages 1 and 2 (120 plots), value of project stages 1 and 2: €7.5 million, sold out.


Ecohouse Kazanská

“ECOHOUSE Kazanská” residential project of units with flexible partitions in Podunajské Biskupice, Bratislava, total units: 72, underground and outdoor parking, retail space, total project value: €6.5 million, IRR: 37%, ROI: 108%, completed, certified for occupancy in 2016.


Bratislavský Downtown

Investment in a portfolio of apartments in the new “Bratislava Downtown” (by Eurovea Shopping Centre), total of 10 units, total price: €2.5 million.

Podunajská brána

New “Podunajská Brána” district in Podunajské Biskupice, Bratislava, total area: 18.5 hectares, 138 plots for the construction of houses, 41 premium terraced houses, 30,000 m2 for civic amenities and leisure. 99 plots sold out within three months of the project launch, total project value: €50 million, IRR: 23%. ROI: 130%, completed.


Pozemok Vrakuňa

Investment in land for a retail project in Hradská Street in the Bratislava borough of Vrakuňa, area: 7,000 m2.

Investícia na Kramároch

Investment in land for residential or office development in Kramáre, Bratislava.

Investícia v Starom Meste

Investment in land for a luxury residential complex in Bratislava’s Old Town.

New World
Blue Orange

blue orange – the most successful Slovak company dedicated to mobile phone technology, exited in 2010 to the French company JET MEDIA.


azet.sk – the most successful Slovak internet portal measured by traffic, turnover, profit and valuation. We invested in the project in 2004 and eventually exited in 2015. It achieved an IRR of 84% and an ROI of 8.695%.



TransData – a transport-sector systems integrator specialising in bespoke software solutions and smart card distribution. The company handles more than a hundred million transactions a year and runs the UBIAN app, achieving IRR of 61% and ROI of 1.112%.



The company invests in Central European and global technology start-up venture funds, in particular:

Credo Ventures

A Central European venture capital fund targeting investments in innovative technologies. Current AUM: €170 million.


A prominent industry-leading global software company in robotic process automation. In 2021, its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange was a huge success. CNBC listed UiPath in its Disruptor 50 ranking in 2020.

Neulogy ventures

A venture capital fund investing in innovative start-ups. Successful investments include Eyerim, the eyeware vendor, and Greenway, a network of e-vehicle charging stations.

YL ventures

The world’s largest cyber-security venture capital fund, anchored in Israel, that has been on the market for over 15 years. The company manages 5 funds with current AUM of $800 million.
Apollo health ventures

Apollo health ventures

A venture capital fund investing in companies in the healthcare sector that have the potential to prevent age-related diseases and ageing or to prolong healthy human life.


A project investing in blockchain technology’s top global venture and hedge funds.
Dobrý anjel

We contributed to Dobrý Anjel (“Good Angel”) with monthly payments and fundraising at various celebrations for 7 years.


Tvoj Buddy

Since 2020, we have been contributing to Tvoj Buddy (“Your Buddy”) with monthly payments and fundraising at various celebrations.

Tvoj Buddy – www.tvojbuddy.sk

Depaul Slovensko

We spent 7 years helping DEPAUL Slovakia. We provided accommodation to 427 homeless people in the city centre (pdf scan), and in doing so we helped to prolong or save the lives of many of them.


Nadácia Lesná

Since 2022, one of the initiatives we have focused on is the Galéria Lesná (“Forest Gallery”) project.


Pitná voda pre každého

Drinking water for everyone – we provide free refreshment to walkers, families, runners, cyclists and even dogs around Bratislava’s Horský Park (“Mountain Park”).

Karol Gogolák
Miroslav Suchý
investment manager, project manager
+421 905 22 79 88
miroslav.suchy (at) g4.sk
Marilena Mylona
investor relations, fund relations
+357 99 161420
marilena.mylona (at) g4-ventures.com.cy


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